Unthinkable? The presentation at the United Nations

Some of the codes have a golden edge, like Creation. In 2007 Janosh used this code for a special occasion. All sorts of invitations came from all over the world about his presentations, but one in particular, which seemed unthinkable at the time, was from the United Nations. Janosh looks back on this very special and bizarre experience.

2007 was a year of travel for Janosh. He visited 15 countries to present his art: The United Nations was not really a part of his plans. Janosh: ‘The publisher of my first box of English cards in the USA (Sounds True) invited me to come and promote and sign my work. And so, I was in Denver, at a large exhibition. In the area where lectures were given, I was allowed to close off the event by giving an activation. When I had done that a young man approached me and said: ‘This would be marvelous for the United Nations’! I managed to say that I thought this would be a wonderful idea, not knowing that this man was the person who could organize this. I received an invitation 6 months later and there I was, in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York’.


Onto the big stage

With a trolley in his hand, Janosh walked into the building, where he had to go through four different security controls to reach the area where the presentation would take place. Beforehand he was given a tour, including the conference area where the world leaders had their political debates. A very special experience, that made Janosh realize that he was going onto the big stage for his presentation. ‘I was sitting there with wobbling knees. There was an orchestra for the prelude, with Barbra Streisand’s conductor. Then I really thought, this is a totally new level than I am used to. This gathering was part of a programme which they did every month, dedicated to philosophy, religion and spirituality. There were approximately 500 people attending, where the majority had little to do with spirituality, and I asked myself how they would react?’


The pressure became even more intense when Janosh heard that he was the first Dutchman who had ever presented to the United Nations. Not that he was actually here to promote something from his own country. Quite the opposite: the Dutch sobriety was not part of the discussion. ‘I was presenting “Experiencing the Art of Crop Circles”. That is what I was doing at the time. I had prepared a multi-media presentation with geometry in combination with crop circles. I did not go into too much details about the latter. It was a bit too far from my comfort zone’.


An extraordinary turn

Just like in Denver and all the other cities he had visited that year, Janosh gave his talk about life and how he looked at the world, building up to the ultimate experience. That would consist of a meditation, but slightly different and somewhat deeper. ‘‘I had done two activations. That left a deep impression, especially as the people had not expected it in this way. A small book was given to everyone with about twenty codes and their meanings; there was a lot of request for this too. Some people took two or three copies for their family or for other colleagues who could not be present. It was really well received. So much so that I was asked to come back a year later. This does not happen very often. In the end we actually gave this presentation twice’.


Why this first time remained in his mind the most, is that Janosh had a special experience which made it even more meaningful. Taking the context into account you could actually speak about a wonder. Janosh continues: ‘At the time I was actually writing a book. The Art of Creation. It is actually a dialogue between me and a guide from another world. He told me that it was really important to clear the United Nations building for a few moments beforehand, so that the energy could be prepared for the activation. This is of course absurd, when you know that approximately 4000 people work there. I do not even think the highest officer would be able to manage something like that’.


It was as if magic taking place, because all of a sudden something unexpected happened in the United Nations building. When the orchestra had finished playing, I suddenly heard an alarm go off. An announcement was made that everyone should go to the Emergency Exits as soon as possible and leave the building. We were allowed to stay, because it was a try out for the personnel. I was really quite shocked because there were even helicopters in the air to guide the process, and I had to suddenly think about this dialogue and how it almost seemed as if it had been set in motion. The building was completely empty for a couple of minutes. You could literally hear a pin drop. Since then I have had a lot of these extraordinary experiences, which I almost find quite normal now, but at the same time, when I think back to this moment, it still gives me goosebumps!’