The first activation: How music led to a breakthrough

Music has always been an important part for Janosh right from the beginning in his live presentations. But the perfect music for his codes came in 2010, after a meeting with an unknown d-jay. The young man has visited a presentation in Utrecht. Janosh felt it right away, this just had to be.

It was in 2009 that Benjamin, at the time a house d-jay, visited a Janosh presentation in Utrecht. It was in a theatre for 200 people. Benjamin: 'I remember it very well: I came alone. I did not know what to expect, but after having read one of Janosh’s books, my mother had drawn my attention to this: He also gives presentations. I was touched by Janosh’s story and actually very curious what it would actually be like for real’.


The first contact with Janosh

Janosh and Benjamin met one another in the theatre lobby. It was an interesting discussion. Janosh: ‘At the time I was looking for someone who could make music. I often used a lot of existing music, but that was only for the atmosphere. I wanted something special for the activations. I had found this and that, and made a few contacts, but there was really no one who understood what I wanted. In the discussion with Benjamin, something clicked. It almost seemed as if I knew him. He was also searching for something too, told me that he was a d-jay but wanted to do something different.'


Janosh did not hang about at all and invited Benjamin for a conversation. Benjamin: ‘I was enthusiastic straight away. Janosh knew nothing about me. He had never even heard about my music. But it felt as if we had to meet one another. A plan was immediately launched to make a DVD’.


‘A DVD was in the planning for a while’ according to Janosh. ‘I had not found anyone who was able to make music. Making a DVD concerns copyright and you cannot just use anything. Benjamin wanted to do it and I liked the sounds that he made. But I felt that there was more. The DVD was just the beginning’.


The breakthrough

In 2012 Janosh had another new product in the planning: A cd with meditation music. Benjamin was given a free hand and asked to provide a couple of numbers. Benjamin: ‘When I was given the chance, it felt like a dream in itself. I had never brought out a CD before. But I felt immediately that it had to be music for relaxation. It would only be right if it was attuned to Janosh’s codes’.


Almost identical to the experience that Janosh had when making his first code in 2003, Benjamin went through a process too. ‘In an attempt to make something for the code ‘Breakthrough’ something strange happened. I was literally sucked into it and every now and again, had a high-pitched sound in my ears. I started to perspire. There was something in me that wanted to get out. I got going in my studio, but quite differently from normal. It was not looking for rhythms and melodies or something like that. It was more like programming. And what the result was after a couple of hours I could hardly even call music. It was much more powerful!'



Janosh was surprised and at the same time not, when he heard Benjamin’s music. ‘I knew that Benjamin would go into a process when he got going with the codes. But when I heard Breakthrough for the first time, a hurricane of energy went through me. I did not know what I had heard. Benjamin did not understand it either and was sitting there as if he wanted to walk away at any moment, but I understood perfectly what had happened: he had joined’.


Breakthrough became the first activation. A creation by Janosh and Benjamin, bringing the art and music into one. During the testing, it was soon apparent how powerful the combination was. Janosh: ‘The first time that we did the activation Breakthrough live, people were in shock. I can still see the faces. It was not normal how much energy was released into the room’.


Benjamin: 'I was scared to death! I had the idea that the people all around us would say that we were crazy. But what I felt was really strong! Janosh gave me the confidence to go ahead with this and that is exactly what I did. There was only activation music on the CD. It then became my mission to make an activation for each code. There are quite a lot now. But Breakthrough remains extra special to me, because it was my first one’.