The beginning: How did Janosh begin to ‘see’ geometry

It was in 2003. Janosh at the time, had just a normal job as a graphic designer. He was not that interested at all in spirituality, even though he thought about certain life questions like: who am I and what am I doing here? There did not seem to be anyone who could help him, so Janosh went looking for answers.

The path led him to a meditation. A very special one, that Janosh can still remember to this day. ‘I remember that I got an email with the announcement of the Harmonic Convention. It was an astrological happening in October, where the planets are aligned in such a way, that if you began to meditate at a certain time, you would receive all the answers about who you were. I was curious but sceptical at the same time. Actually, I did not really believe it but because I was searching, I just thought let’s give it a go.’


The meditation was done by a large group. Janosh was surprised about the things he saw. ‘We meditated for a while and there were people who saw all sorts of things. Dreams, visions and things like that. I did not have that at all’. It was a disappointing experience for Janosh, which only confirmed that spirituality was not for him. Although: he thought he could make that conclusion.


Strange holograms

A few weeks later the strangest things began to happen. Janosh was not himself anymore. ‘I began to see all sorts of images in different colours. Strange geometric holograms. It was a sort of hallucination. I thought I was going mad and needed to be institutionalized’. After a visit to the doctor, there was nothing physically wrong with Janosh. He even was asked the question if it was perhaps something ‘energetic’. ‘My doctor was very open minded. He gave me the advice to allow this process to continue on for a while. I trusted him, but at the same time thought it was all very strange’.


The images kept appearing and one evening Janosh decided to do something with them. He switched on his computer and began to sketch what he saw. Thankfully with his background as a graphic designer, he was able to do this very accurately. ’I can remember that this was the first time that I made a code. It was then, just pure art for me, because I was not looking for anything else. Whilst I was making it, I went into a sort of trance. It felt as if I was no longer in my body. I felt as if I had been ‘gone’ for hours and when I came back to myself, the code Transition was on my screen. This was the very first one.’



A transition

What happened after that evening was a process of transition. Janosh changed and he felt as if he had very little control. ‘My work in the advertising world began to disappoint me. I missed the inspiration and purity. Everything suddenly felt so fake. But in the evenings when I made another piece of art, I immediately felt very happy. It took quite a long while before I actually saw what was happening. I was sitting in a transition and it was the code that had started all of this. When I look back, with the knowledge I have now, it was in fact a very logical process indeed’.


The meaning of the code was given to Janosh. Just like other artists are often in the spectrum of mediumship and experience extra special things, it was exactly the same with Janosh. ‘I remember that I heard a voice in my mind. He introduced himself as a guide. It is always then the question of it’s your own fantasy or not, playing games with you. But the voice gave me such detailed information about what I had made and how it worked, that I could have never made this up myself. It was almost as if a Professor was speaking. In retrospect I am so pleased that I listened to that voice. And it was also, thanks to the influence of several people who told me what in fact was happening.’


In the meditation in October 2003, Janosh had made contact with another reality. The codes were the bridge, with on the one side Janosh and on the other side …? The Arcturians. Even I had to get used to the name. I had never heard of them, but what I understood from the communication was, that it concerned a group of souls who live in another dimension. I want to actually say: a higher dimension. I see them a lightworkers who are here to help us. We are in the middle of an interesting turning point in our evolution, and more and more people are waking up spiritually. We will not be alone in this process’.