Sacred Grounds

Follow the path of your soul

Traveling with Janosh is an unique experience. Even in the busiest of places and destinations you walk beyond the beaten tracks and visit ancient places of energy, that are normally closed to other visitors. But even more than just the breathtaking scenery, is the way within. Are you ready to see why you came to this Earth? 


The journeys in small, international groups travel along mystical energetic places of the earth’s magnetic field, which ensures that the process is accelerated about who you really are. This process is strengthened by daily meditations, activations and personal meetings with Janosh at unique locations. Aware – but especially unaware – you release everything that no longer serves you and your unique, inner blueprint becomes visible.

Through vast forests, over deserted highlands, beside ancient temples and paths. Each journey ends at your source.


Are you ready to take your journey within?


The only condition is that you dare to go outside your comfort zone and be open for another truth. You are ready to jump into a newer and much purer form of ‘being’. Please realize that the consequences can be huge when you get back to your own surroundings, which have remained the same.

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