Privacy statement

This privacy statement of the website applies to all who (1) visit this site, (2) log in using credentials supplied by us and (3) third parties who have contributed to the design and construction of this website. For visitors and users, we only use the personal data that is required to be able to be of service. We ensure that these remain protected and secured at all times and are in no way provided to individuals or commercial entities.


As a customer you remain anonymous during your visit to our website, unless you choose to make your visit known to others via social media and / or other channels. takes no responsibility for this. We consider the use of e-mail addresses for providing new information in the form of newsletters, announcements and / or announcements, as well as necessary data for the progress of this visit, as permitted when you have registered as a visitor, provided that you have indicated no longer wish to receive e-mail from us. We handle questions, reactions and / or comments about this website in confidence and will never be forwarded to third parties unsolicited. This privacy statement is subject to change in business operations without prior notice and can therefore be changed whenever sees this as necessary.


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