Online programma's

Invest in yourself and create the life that you really want

For the development of inner wisdom and creative power, we offer various programs that you can follow at home, at your own pace and at times that you choose.

  • Acht days
  • Eight days
  • Start whenever you want
  • Activation (7x) en meditation
  • Assignments & rituals

The Money Trip

  • Available via

From "survival" to life, from lack to abundance.

From "survival" it is difficult to create or realize: your thoughts are cramped and one-pointed. It is precisely in these phases of life that it is necessary to come to inspiration, new ideas and an expansive vision.

This course is for everyone who is willing to investigate how you can convert impossibilities into possibilities. Come from thinking in shortages to creativity and abundance.

  • Start whenever you want
  • Activations (5x)
  • Assignments & rituals
  • Video's

Zooming Out

  • Available via

Create peace, space and overview with your own retreat

This workshop is only in Dutch at this moment... .. ..

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