Experience that home is where your heart is

Discover your own wholeness, free from doubts and full of confidence and love. Learn how you can be both self-conscious and connected. Come from within to that which is and always was whole, experience that home is where your heart is. The space inside you is infinite.


This activation helps you to look back objectively to your past, and to learn from everything that just did not happen automatically.



This activation gives you the courage to put yourself in the first place at crucial moments, so that you can give yourself the attention that you deserve.


This activation allows you to make contact with your self-healing power, so that emotional blockages in your body come to the surface in a natural way.


You can use this activation to empty your mind and to give emotional experiences a place.





This activation makes it easier for you to show your truth and feelings to the outside.





This activation helps to recognize where your talents and qualities lie and to develop these further.


This activation allows your (self) judgment to disappear, so that you can look unconditionally at your surroundings.


Coming Home

This activation makes you aware that you can come home anywhere, because ‘home’ is where you feel fine and grounded.