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Experience that home is where your
heart lives

Discover your own wholeness, free from desire and full of confidence, peace and love. Learn how you can be both free and connected. Come from within to that which is and always was whole, experience that home is where your heart is. The space inside you is infinite.


This activation helps you to look back objectively to your past, and to learn from everything that just did not happen automatically.



This activation gives you the courage to put yourself in the first place at crucial moments, so that you can give yourself the attention that you deserve.


This activation allows you to make contact with your self-healing power, so that emotional blockages in your body come to the surface in a natural way.



You can use this activation to empty your mind and to give emotional experiences a place.


You can feel carefree, quiet and satisfied with what is,whatever it is

Learn to tame racing thoughts by releasing them. You don't have to react to all stimuli. You can feel carefree, quiet and satisfied with what is, whatever it is. Relax by letting life in and around you simply happen a little more, so that tension can naturally flow away.


This activation brings built-up emotions to the surface that are related to feelings of guilt, so that you can release them.




This activation is for times of change, in which you achieve more but consciously trying to determine less.



This activation helps you to disconnect from all the people and situation that are (temporarily) not part of your reality.




This activation brings you beyond the many layers of your thoughts, until you come into the pure silence in yourself which gives peace and answers.


Work and create freely, be fresh and inspired

Get rid of having to meet, free yourself from blockages and resistance. Rather than being jealous, be inspired by the creativity of others. Contribute from your own sense of autonomy, so you can share the creative flow instead of having to convince others. Work and create freely, be fresh and inspired.


This activation motivates you to ‘finish the job’ by completing the necessary tasks which lead you to the satisfaction you are looking for.




This activation decreases the tendency to postpone important activities, that are necessary for the thing you so want to achieve.

New Born Time

This activation leads you to change that has been happening for a while and that you so desire in your life.





This activation brings an inner growth movement into effect which feels fine, rhythmical and is cylindrical.


Charge yourself so you can be fast, flexible and sharp

This is about feeling eager and alert in those moments when you need to perform and accelerate. Be fast, flexible and sharp. Act, think and decide with lightness and clarity. You are your own charging station.


This activation deals with blockages that keep fear, modesty and shame intact, and enables your sexual energy to flow freely.


This activation helps you to go break through the barriers of your thoughts, so that you start to see new possibilities.

Inner Freedom

This activation invites you to present yourself loud and clear to your surroundings, without you feeling that you have adapted or made yourself ill at ease.




This activation brings beliefs to the surface that have made you stuck in the minimum and replaces them in possibilities, that are distinctive for an ‘abundance mentality’.


Be present in the here and now

This is about concentration and focus. Being able to react correctly in the moment. Be present in the here and now, without feeling that you should actually be doing something else, or thinking that 'it' is happening somewhere else. Feel relaxed and be attentive. There is always now.


This activation changes your look on reality and opens your eyes to things that you have not seen before.




This activation brings your pride to the surface, so that you are no longer scared to be rejected for who you are or what you stand for.


This activation helps you to recognize who the people are, where the connection will be natural and pure, just like the reunification with a family member.



This activation takes you out of the analytical sphere and lifts you above the ‘dead point’ where you stopped with free creation.


Activate your unique values

This relates to shaping your life, your work and your future. All in accordance with your higher purpose. The aim is to be able to answer the most important questions: What do I want? Why am I here? What have I come to do? Activate your unique values, so you can convert them into added value for yourself and the world around you.


This activation helps you when you have fallen down, to pick yourself up again, bite through the disappointment, and to appear back on the stage as reborn.



This activation liberalizes the way for change easier and ensures that the transformation that happens along the way, feels like the preparation for a party.


This activation helps you with new truths, that lie in you as hidden treasures, bringing them to the surface and being able to show them outside.


This activation brings you into contact with your calling to which the greatest creation power lies, so that you go through thick and thin.


Spiritual Growth

Integrate enlightening experiences into your daily life

This is about living in the service of spiritual growth, experiencing enlightenment, or integrating these experiences into your daily life. No matter where you are on your spiritual path, development is always possible. Discover new layers and insights on the way to the truth of being real.


This activation helps you to silence the ego and not make decisions so that your guides get the chance to show you the right way.




This activation unmasks the fears that keep you from becoming the master you are deep inside.


This activation helps you to bring together all the information and impressions that you collect, into a formula that is logical for you.



Christ Consciousness

This activation allows you to make contact with the divine creative power in you which lies hidden under the layers of fear and beliefs.


Shift from lack to abundance

Visualize your own future with a sense of confidence. Life experiences can be used to understand the greater whole, to say yes, to see the possibilities. Free of guilt and regret, you can move away from contraction and towards expansion, from thinking towards imagining.


This activation brings your unique characteristics to the surface and eliminates the fear of not being taken seriously, so that you can feel free and show who you really are.



This activation gives you the strength to pull yourself back from situations which threaten to make you stuck and do not contribute to your growth process.


This activation helps you to make the changes lasting by anchoring the things you have learnt and experienced in yourself.



This activation helps you to give words and thoughts to your dreams, so that it comes alive and becomes much more a part of who you really are.