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Daring to trust a higher intelligence that sees and understands more and can show you the way. Let go of control and follow the signs that cross your path.
If you are knocked down by something or something, it can often feel that you will never recover fully again. Preparing yourself for a resurrection, where you are stronger than ever before, is the answer to all doubts.
Solving the inner struggle between a human and a soul by allowing desires to merge with one another. The need for safely and security which typifies a human, may go together with the thirst for adventure of the soul.
Het overzien van de keuzes die er zijn en aanvoelen wat op dit moment het beste voor je is. Door bewust (maar ook weer niet te lang) stil te staan bij beslissende momenten, kun je naast de voor de hand liggende keuzes ook de alternatieven beter onderzoeken.
To connect the different worlds in which you live with one another by not making boundaries but doing it in conjunction with one another. You are no longer an individual that needs to switch but travels through all the worlds.

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When you meditate, you make an inner journey in your own world. A universe of dreams, fantasies, emotions, desires, thoughts, visions and beliefs. This is what we call .


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is recognized by the subconscious and works
through to cell level.

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This activation creates a balance between living and surviving, so that soul and the human can dance with one another without any conflict.

Special Stories

It was in 2003. Janosh at the time, had just a normal job as a graphic designer. With meditation he still had nothing, but the question 'Who am I and what am I doing here?' started a new time.

  • 4 minuten

Music has always been an important part for Janosh right from the beginning in his live presentations. But the perfect music for his codes came in 2010, after a special meeting with an unknown DJ.

  • 3 minuten

Some of the codes have a golden edge, like Creation. In 2007 Janosh used this code for a special occasion. All sorts of invitations came from all over the world about his presentations, but one in particular, which seemed unthinkable at the time, was from the United Nations.

  • 4 minuten

At Festival Defqon. 1 78,000 people spend a weekend on hardstyle (the hardest form of dance music) every year. In 2019, inner. Space was there to bring meditation to the festive visitors.

  • 6 minuten

Upcoming Events


Meditation & Beyond

  • Wicked Grounds, Amsterdam

In this transforming sessions you will be introduced to a new form of meditation: the activation. This is based on channelling and the idea that people are ready for the next step in the evolutionary process. We are more intuitive, sensitive and looking for ways that lead to a higher level of consciousness. This consciousness is not outside us. It is not something we can learn. It is within us. We merely have to activate it.


Let's Move Mountains

  • Mandali Retreat Center, Italië

Big thinkers with wonderful plans to better the world: we would like to welcome you into our midst. We want to hear your ideas, the fire that is burning within and help you to bring your vision into reality. We are going to do this from 27th – 29th December. A kick-start to enter into 2020 to do what you came here to do.

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